The Great Controversy - E.G.White

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Velký spor věků - Anglická verze

Would you also like to look behind the scene of history and reveal the hidden thuth? Are you confused why so many churches exists and why so many bad things were commited in the name of God? Do you have problem to understand what's happening with todays world and how history of the Earth will continue? So the „Great controversy“ is the right book for you.

The book „Great controversy“ from american author Ellen Gould White is the fifth part of the pentalogy named „Conflict of the Ages“ and it was first released already in the 1888. From this time it's not less actual at all. Maybe its even more actual nowadays. It's translated into 78 languages and it became world bestseller. The historic facts which stood at the birth of the church in the period of the first disciples are described in readable and eye-cathich form. It also describes how compromises and false teaching were step by step sneaked into the church. Reformators such as Viklef, Hus, Luther, Zwingli or Miller had to invest lot of effort to get people back to the Bible and teaching of Jesus Christ.

The „Great Controversy“ reveals the secrets of  how evil affects us from it's begining to the end of the world. It also reveals the mysterious world of evil spiritual beings which showing their power more and more intensively these days. The book will prepare you for the events which will happen soon acording to the Bible. You can see it in a lot of fields, for example in situation getting worse in ecology, politics, economy, also according the rising influence of the occultism and worse relationships between people. We can guess that the end of history won't be easy. However, we need steady direction and goal. Tendency to restraint the freedom and manipulate with human conscience was there for all the history, how is it shown in the book. But now, before the end of evil it will be much worse. Despite of this facst, God has his faithful people in every period of history. Will you be one of them? Will you stand on the side of love and good in determining time of your life?


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